black and white rainbow


Behold the glory of my properly aligned, handmade D I G I T O N E S

Using all nine depths makes this more of a grayscale drawing than a toned one, BUT I WANT YOU TO APPRECIATE the glory of tones and how convincingly they approximate color in BLACK AND WHITE ONLY. For those of us for whom gray simply doesn't cut it. CONTRAST CONTRAST CONTRAST.

I'd get a tattoo saying "bleed black + white" but it wouldn't be perfect black and white. So no. Speaking of having an obsession with high-contrast inking, in an omake (bonus comic) from one of my favorite manga artists, she hollers to her assistant, "Fool! Black ink runs in my veins!", which sounds like the coolest thing ever.

I'm extra excited about tones today because I wrote a blog article about it and how I made these tones, and I even think I have the HTML figured out to post it to my soon-to-be-main site? Haven't figured out how to integrate all the changes in git though. Because of course I didn't save versions as I went, just made a new copy to mess around with in a text editor. HEH. Heheheheh. Heh.

black black black blaaaaack black black ink YEAHHHHHHHH

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