HAHAHA my computer crashed and I lost the page-long essay I was writing about things I learned while doing the above painting. Let's skip to the big finale where I reveal my two unexpected sources of color knowledge. Here they are:

https://www.xojane.com/beauty/how-to/how-to-figure-out-your-skins-undertone https://beginnersmakeup.wordpress.com/

That's right, they're both beauty blogs! I value both of these resources extremely after having discovered them while sick a week ago, both for normal human makeup needs and for understanding how to color a face. I've struggled with mixing skin tone since forever - indeed, with mixing colors in general - and it's pretty magical to think of a gray shirt as not gray but purple, or skin as not beige but yellow or orange, and to see that borne out on the canvas.

That's all for now, I'm out of time for writing unfortunately =/ But as a final note I'd like to say again thanks for sticking with me, and please look forward to a lot of new projects I've got coming down the pipeline! And do check out https://sangaman.ga, I'm damn proud of writing that site, PLUS it has an impassioned article on screentones not published here!

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