square #2 mk2



So here is the same picture as last time BUT

First of all I finished the inking properly, you can see there's a lot more beta (black fill) and more detail (for instance on the fan), also I cleaned up a lot of the disconnected lines and smoothed things out. The picture just begged for it, I couldn't leave it half-finished!

Then instead of going for the cel-shading I'd initially envisioned, I tried for a full tone shading. Now I'm pleased with how it turned out, I've never tried to shade everything with tones before and I feel like the depth came out pretty well.




The more exciting thing is that I finally figured out how to create custom tone brushes in Krita! They're not on display here BUT I am definitely going to be sharing them in the future, WATCH THIS SPACE

they're so cool oh my gosh, actual different brushes with different grades of tone, with TRANSPARENT BACKGROUNDS, and all of them are on the same grid so you never get moire effects, it's a brand new world out here HRNGHPHMPH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so exciting!

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