beta tester


So the next step of course was to add some shading and beta. The shading came out okay (as it often does), but AS USUAL my method of adding black is very trial and error. This time I tried scribbling in where I thought looked good on a separate layer, then filled in the black in that approximate area while respecting the underlying contour. STILL NOT GREAT. I love how it looks when it works though. SO MUCH, so much that I will keep trying even though this is the ink equivalent of I-let-my-preschooler-do-my-makeup. And then we will color it! Haha! Another thing I am not yet pro at.

Maybe I should practice more black and white life sketching? Or looking at black and white photos? I get used to how easy tone is and then when I want that HIGH CONTRAST POP (which, when do I not),I'm just at a loss as to how solid black works. All my favorite artists make it look so easy, grr! shakes fist

Also personal life update, going on a trip for a week starting this Saturday! I haven't decided but I may use the time to bootstrap a new dynamic site so that y'all can finally see Bear Mafia (YEAHHHHHHHH GET EXCITED) and also finish off a couple design things so I don't have to worry about the deadline. Maybe! We'll see. Mostly I want to set off fireworks XD

EDIT: HAHA just realized I forgot to change the date in the corner! TROLOLO we are time travelers now.

Have a good week! <3

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