My sissypoo asked me to make an avatar image for our chat room. DAYS LATER I have a lineart that is useless for the intended purpose but that was a super fun draw, TEE HEE DEAR READER

Also of course I went in to do a screentone background but then my computer crashed and I decided that was enough of that! Indeed.

I haven't done monoline-inking for a while, I can't really say it's my favorite but I looove how clean it looks! This would look even better with some black filled in, maybe even in full color. Those are flower petals not snow btw! I don't know why they felt appropriate, they just did.

continues to only accomplish like three things a day, is annoyed at herself

I wish I could always make AMAZING progress in all parts of my life simultaneously, but it seems I also need to sleep and spend time recovering from back squats. UNACCEPTABLE I say. I protest!

Mon 25 June 2018  :   :