lineart ladies


So the story here is I've been working on websites and business cards lately, and so I've been a) going through a lot of old art and b) working more on the computer than on inking. Missed inking so I did these ladies, a real throwback to the days when I was working hard just on learning to handle a dip pen instead of actually making comics. I really enjoyed being able to focus on technique again instead of how a page fits into a story. Also noticed that I haven't colored anything in a while, even though it's a pain in the butt I still like the sense of weight it gives.

So before I dive into CSS today I gave myself half an hour to color this scan as today's comic. Ten minutes per figure gave me some kind of janky results, I'm out of practice for coloring plus my preset color palette is pretty crap for shading. Ain't give a damn.

Copied the lady from one of the graphic-sha manga books so I could use its line weights as a guideline. Left to right, they're inked with a maru pen, a g pen, and a kabura pen.

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