cthulhu cat


Met someone on Mastodon who feels that the intersection between "cute" and "dark" should not be empty. I could not agree more! Inspired by their handle, here's a cthulhu kitty! Lord of darkness, lord of nyaaaan~, fear them, pet them, fear them some more.

GOSH I am enjoying messing around with screentones, I think half my drawing time is spent derping around with different patterns and layers. LOVE IT

Too bad Krita froze twice while I was drawing this! Not its fault, still don't have the kernel upgrade I need for this CPU to not freak out all the time. Partway through the sketch for a second drawing when I rebooted into a legit kernel panic, augh, finally updated to release candidate kernel from boot terminal, FUN, took most of the day to fix. MAYBE IT WILL WORK NOW? hopes

Thu 26 April 2018  :   :