glitter warrior #2


for the love of gosh click on the magnifying glass to view at a higher res, resizing this is NOT pretty. OKAY SO THIS GIRL HEY, first of all I did NOT do her justice in this sadly. I am inexperienced at conveying sparkle and that is what she is ALL ABOUT.

the inspiration of her aesthetic is the flat-out, everything-done look of prom-goers with the dead-serious glitziness of beauty pageants. Hair? Styled, curled, sprayed, bedazzled. Nails? Six layers of holographic glitter. Makeup? Full face and setting spray, plus some rhinestones for good measure. This isn't about competition or being attractive. This is about perfection and standards and shining like justice because she can, and also there is no force on earth that can stop her. She is unbreakable, untarnishable, impossible to touch or slow down. She doesn't need armour or running shoes because you'll never land a hit.

Her fighting style is based on her speed. Her sandals are soled with cleats she can change for the terrain, and since she never slows down her weight is always on her toes. Her weapons are 1) being terrifying and 2) anything fast, sharp and shiny. This girl favors a razor-edged whip-sword. The shield is mostly for show, it's just a pointy lattice that's set with jewels. Girls like these are shock troops, they go in first and fast and make the enemy think three times about their plans for that day.

Emergency supplies are basically mascara and hairspray; since they're only on the field for a few hours they count on going back to camp for food, water, and shade. What they do carry is kept in an appropriately sparkly fanny pack.

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