glitter warrior #1


glitter warrior? dazzle princess? I don't know what to call these girls but I come up with them at the drop of a hat. I have two more sketched out in my notebook complete with details on nail polish, hair styles and taste in cell phones, more info than I can convey in this type of drawing tbh. I super wanted to color this one but decided I cared more about doing the shadows instead. If you're curious, the prints and patterns are a pastel candy rainbow, and the rest of her getup is solid darker colors. Blue hair! Please note her water bottle, hydration is very important for glitter warriors. She carries her stuff around in a satchel but doesn't take the satchel into battle, instead she sets up a hidden mini-basecamp for it. Her emergency supplies include vitamin drink mix, jelly beans, a healthy snack, and hello kitty bandaids. Also a worn deck of cards. She has teal nails and loves putting cute accessories on her saber. Her backup weapon is probably darts.

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