prehistoric animalia warriors


I feel that whatshisface from Dinotopia (JAMEEEEEEEES and then my mind goes blank) definitely had first dibs on dinos in flower crowns, BUT have they been done post-Tumblr? That I do not know. Anyway here's one, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME, triceratops in flower crown means so much. Look at its noble face there. So sweet!

I have strong feelings about dinosaur restorations, in the case of Ceratopsia I am currently 100% in the camp of "frills were for jaw muscle attachments". THINK ABOUT IT. FORM AN OPINION.

I hope I draw this again someday with a different inking style, I like how it turned out but sometimes you get tired of defaulting to a chisel marker just because it's got the best family of line variation. Or maybe the default sizes are good for my canvas sizes? I keep going to it for layout and then not changing for inking.

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