square #1


Okay, so this turned out to be a fun one for the 250th strip! I inked a 4"x4" panel yesterday, then scanned and added tone today. I love how the inking turned out, and the tone looks pretty cool too. I like the small size of the inking, it would be fun to do these as collectible originals. Also note how banging it looks shrunk down to print size, I feel like my line weights are right on point!

I imagine this punk-ass cyborg martial artist screaming in pain and rage, as the blackguard rival that she went all out in fighting during their showdown escapes in her (the rival's) spaceship.

Just tested the image resolution in a web browser, eww? I keep telling myself I'll fix the crap image resizing on herpaderp when I rewrite the site, but it bothers me soooo muuuuch. How bad can a quick patch on someone else's code be?

(Probably pretty bad.)

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