seeing things


Woop! News: Sam & the Bear Mafia, Part I, a hybrid picture book and coloring book, is on track to be finished by the end of this year. New pages will be released every three (3) business days, along with a regular HerpaDerp page every Tuesday and Thursday. Bear Mafia will be available as a free, printable PDF, and, for a Nominal Fee, in hard copy. Goals!

This particular image is kind of like one of those "mystery photos", where you take a photo from very close up or far away, and the viewer has to guess what the subject is. This is what my imagination "saw" in a car's fogged-up rear window. The black is a tinted window; the blue spots are bubbles in the tint; the red is a rear light, and the stripes are drips of water from the roof. But to me, it looks like awesome magic staves planted in a dimly glowing pond of lilypads! Cool, huh?
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