uniform girl


Awwright! So after working on THE BOOK yesterday, I decided I wanted to draw an original school uniform in an interesting pose. Here we have a young lady checking her sock/skirt length before heading out to school. I thought a uniform was an interesting challenge for a bunch of reasons. First, we have a lot of original uniforms in anime and manga, but they tend to be impractical and unflattering for anyone who has a normal figure. I tried to design something that would look cool but be flattering for a variety of body types, as well as being easy to make, launder and repair. I think long vests and short jackets are underrated as clothing items. Imagine like a design school where everyone makes their own style of uniform, or where you can get the school style in your choice of colors? I think this would look good with the jacket and skirt in plaid but not everyone looks good in that. Also I considered giving her little flagged sock garters, but I decided it was overly fussy for a mandatory uniform. Please appreciate that I gave her a reasonably-sized bag, it always bothers me when people draw school bags that can only hold two skinny notebooks, who has time for that.

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