I feel like since I started doing an analog comic, this has started turning into my art blog? OH WELL. This is an unfinished experiment. It started out as wanting to mess around with woodblock-style techniques (removal of negative space rather than drawing positive space) and midtone-paper drawing (a drawing in black and white on colored paper) on a hexagon-tiled grid. It turned into an attempt to draw a three-way plaid using only the base colors from yesterday's palette (plus some neutrals from the taupe palette, because I quickly realized that I didn't have enough colors for even 3x2 crosses). I was really fascinated by plaids as a kid, and I'd like to draw a warp/woof/whatever plaid at some point. But that day is not today, because I have to put on my fighting pants like RIGHT NOW, and also I didn't set up my layers right to be able to extend the pattern far enough for it to make sense. le sigh.

Tue 12 September 2017  :   :